About Us

IT Department

The IT Department supports LFS’ clients (banks and microfinance institutions), including the network banks of AccessHolding in all IT issues. We take care of everything in and around the banking system, thus supporting the business in all client related operations and financial transactions.

Jointly with the business staff of our clients our team of experienced Business Analysts and IT Specialists derive and define the software requirements. We analyze the financial product features and the business workflows to translate business into IT and come up with a clear understanding about the demanded software developments. In that respect our specialists also check if requirements can be fulfilled by adaptation of parameters or need software development to then agree with the clients about the scope and project setup.

Based on that we design the software architecture and the appropriate mix between own software development, integration of third-party components and interfacing to communication partners like processing centres. The software development then is done in-house using modern Microsoft technologies (C#/.Net, SQL, …) as well as Temenos’ T24 programming environment. With these technologies we are able to resolve small as well as extensive business requirements and have created our two banking software products we offer to the networks banks of AccessHolding: the LFS MicroBank System and the LFS Model Bank.

After development the software is taken into comprehensive testing examination. Here we use different quality assurance methodologies starting from feature tests over integration tests up to user acceptance tests. The entire test process with the developers and later key users of the clients is supported by transparent test management with state-of-the-art tools.

When the software is ready for use it is given to the banks for local operation in their respective countries. Here we support the local IT teams in giving clear and useful guidance on how to setup and run the IT infrastructure containing hardware, software, networks and of course the banking system to allow proper, reliable and secure IT operations. This knowledge is based on and strengthened by the fact that we operate our own data center.

Most of the work we do in Berlin, but especially for extensive requirements definition and the go-live of major software versions it’s helpful to work with our bank colleagues face-to-face in their business environment. Such local missions round up the interesting, challenging and international scope if duties the department is acting in to deliver professional IT services, offering the full portfolio from consulting via realization to operations and support.