Project Experience


MSME Access to Finance – Diagnostic Study, 2014

The objective of the assignment is to draw up a comprehensive diagnostic study of the MSME access to finance in Kazakhstan and review the MSME lending practices in the EBRD partner banks and MFIs under the new Framework Facility.

Specific tasks include a review of the funding sources available to MSMEs, review of the volume of lending to them, analysis of differences between rural and urban areas, and assessment of the state of MSME lending in up to five partner banks and one MFI.

Downscaling: Advisory Services in the course of a SME credit line to three commercial banks, 2002

In 2002, LFS was commissioned by KfW to support three Kazakh banks in their MSME finance activities. The partner banks had previously received a credit line, to increase their ability to grant medium and long-term investment loans to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). In the course of this programme, some shortcomings in the economic and financial assessment of loan applications became evident.

LFS provided consulting services to the three banks, in order to allign their procedures and processes with best practice standards. The services included, among others:

  • Extensive training of loan officers
  • Review of loan assessment procedures
  • Improvement of the internal and external reporting and loan monitoring practices
  • Intensification of the banks' product marketing