Project Experience


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Establishing a Risk Management Department for an MFI in Jordan (2016-2017)

USAID LENS is actively supporting the microfinance sector in Jordan to build its capacities, enhance its competitiveness, and increase the sector’s financial inclusion of different client segments to enhance their living standards through involvement in producing economic activities. Accordingly, USAID LENS is funding an initiative to support an MFI to establish a comprehensive Risk Management Department (RMD). The project aims to reinforce institutional capacity, provide enhanced supervision, and create an environment of discipline, thus ensuring efficient management of products and services.

Strengthening Institutional Capacities for SME Lending of an MFI in Jordan (2014-2015)

EBRD commissioned LFS to support one of the leading MFIs in Jordan and the MENA region. As a non-profit company, the MFI traditionally applies a group lending technology that caters to the financial (and business development) needs of women, as well as provides individual lending.

Following an up-market move into the lower end of the SME finance segment with a pilot test in 2013, the MFI needed support to strengthen its institutional capacities and credit risk management processes.

Showcasing successful SME lending - SME Sector Workshop for Jordanian Banks, (2014)

LFS participated in hosting a workshop for Jordanian commercial banks on the subject of SME lending. LFS moderated the event and presented best practices. LFS also brought in an executive from a bank that had previously downscaled in Uzbekistan under LFS’s advisory (Hamkor Bank). The executive presented his bank as a successful downscaling case study. The workshop included a SWOT analysis of pre- and post- SME lending at the bank, the milestones and challenges the bank faced, and a closing roundtable / Q&A session.